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Super Kheops par Puca Beads

Super Kheops par Puca Beads.

Designed by the designer Puca to be found on its special beads blog, the Super Kheops beads by Puca, unlike the traditional Pheas by Puca classical flat and smooth, have a pyramid shape in 3D on one side which allows to give Volume and relief to your DIY creations.They retain the same interesting size 6 x 6 mm and the same double piercing, very appreciated in the creation of jewels because it allows different assemblies.

Kheops®, Super-Khéops®, Arcos®, Minos® and Ios® ... the advantage of Puca® beads is that they connect together, fit perfectly into one another.You will be able to make diy creations of necklaces, bracelets, rings, necklaces with quality pearls.

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